G Design srl Company is synonymous of innovation, functionality and design.
With Wave Textile Architecture brand, from years it has developed and produced systems that protect from typical atmospheric agents, and has now become one of the leaders in its sector. With a presence in over 25 countries, the company continues to thrive and evolve. In all its products it offers a high added value, maximum environmental sustainability and the reduction of energy consumption.


The heart of the company is a team of technicians and engineers who daily pushed by the desire to improve and using the latest softwares available, combines technology and creativity to meet the needs of an increasingly attentive and demanding customers. Our products are the result of a careful design of the detail, followed by the choice of the best materials and the professionalism in the execution and assembly, giving the product warranty and reliability. The result is the transformation of an idea or a desire into a work of Architecture and Engineering unique and guaranteed by high quality standards.

Project development process

The staff of technicians and engineers acquires from the client the specific request, the qualitative expectations, the data of the site where the construction is to be realized and together the best possible solution is evaluated, then the design phase begins.

The three-dimensional construction project, shown in tables explaining all the details, is submitted to the approval of the customer who, once accepted, allows the start of production. During this phase all the processes are checked in order to arrive at the finished product meeting the required requirements. Depending on the type chosen, a pre-assembly phase is carried out so as to be sure of the quality of the product.

In the final phase, our assembly team performs the installation, assisted by specialized site managers who control and ensure perfect execution.

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